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How many types do have herpes infection or herpes has been categorised into how many categories? If your answer is 2 kinds, you’re right. There are two primary types of herpes ailment exist like herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV type 1) & herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV type 2). Herpes simplex virus 1 most often leads to oral type of herpes sickness. Oral herpes usually affects oral portions of the body like tongue, cheek, eye, mouth & lips. When Herpes simplex virus 2 influences eye area then this is called herpes keratitis. Though, the illness of herpes keratitis is very rare though can affect any person at any age. As far as the query of Herpes simplex virus 2 or HSV types 2 is concerned, virus most often leads to the evolvement of genital herpes although sometimes it can also lead to oral herpes. HSV type 2 generally influence genital area like penis, urethra, vagina, anus, buttock and anal area. Genital herpes may or may not lead or any varieties of signs & symptoms. Neither herpes simplex virus 1 nor herpes simplex virus 2 can be get healed though, there’re several healing options you can use for better managing the malady of herpes ailment.

HSV : Type1 and Type2 | Treatment of Herpes

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If you want to heal herpes infection then you have to pursue holistic herpes cure. An energetic immune system can only assist you dealing from herpes sickness. Weaker immune system may cause again & again outburst of herpes malady. So, the first thing you need to evolve the energetic immunity. In order to develop a stronger immunity you need to take the shelter of nature’s power. By following the nature’s power you will develop enough immunity which can surely eliminate the herpes virus for good.
Following ice packs on the affected area can give you the huge ease from the herpes indications. Echinacea is a strong plant which carries anti-viral elements. This helps enhancing your immunity. Some patients also claim that following Echinacea stops further outbursts of herpes sickness. Olive oil can be used as the moisturizer for herpes disease. This will boost up the healing procedure of herpes infection as well as support to cure herpes. Extract of olive leaves can prevent further outbursts of herpes and supports to eliminate the both types of herpes virus. This assists in production of amino acid which is very essential to eliminate herpes virus. Certain researches have verified that amino acid is the principle enemy of herpes viruses.

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